Video Games and Valentines

minions valentinesWe may have been talking about video games on our previous post but come to think of it, its only a few days from now and its gonna be valentines. So do you have your date? I hope so. Coz even games and its characters are so popular now and being used as love indorsers. Just take a look at minions and how he loves to be your date. :) And by the way, Simcity buildit also did an update for Valentines. Read it here.


I also took some browsing on the net and found some other cool pictures on video games characters sharing the love for this months theme. Pretty sweet actually :)

rabbid valentines

The Angry birds game probably have one of the many pictures I found but here two that I really like



angry bird valentines

angry birds valentines 2016

So who’s your valentines this 14? I hope its not your iphone game you’ll be dating. Go share the love

Minions Paradise – EA’ s New iPhone game

So what’s it like playing the new EA game for iphone – Minions Paradise? We share on an earlier post about SimCity Buildit, also one of EA’s top earning game. SimCity has been quiet successful and has continued to “wow” its fans. In fact, it continues to get some good updates like the london update, winter update and the last one which is the rio carnival update.

Can the new game Minions Paradise do the same an have the same explosive rating as the simcity? The big difference probably is because simcity has already established its name since it was released as a simulation game on the PC. Especially that the older game was priced at a higher range and the iphone game is given out for free. The gamers was not limited to younger ones but also to higher age players since it involved thinking and decision making and acting as a department head particularly as a Mayor.

minions paradise

Minions on the other hand gained its popularity form the cartoon movie which we all know its audience are the younger kids – a lot smaller compared to the age range of gamers in the simcity.  But who knows, it can still make a difference.  Whatever may happen, we all know that EA produces some really good games and many love. Well, we will soon find out.

Check out the video below for a quick walkthrough of Minions Paradise for iPhone.

Ready for a Rio Carnival Celebration in your SimCity Buildit?

Released last February 2, 2016, a new update has been released for the ever popular simulation game SimCity Buildit.  And this update is for a limited time only since we probably will receive an update for the Love month or a valentine update.  But before that happens, lets take a look at this new update which is for only 3 weeks.

simcity buildit cheats 2016

The update includes some amazing festival icons that you can add to your City particularly the new Rio Carnival where you can light up the streets, towering statues and let the party begin. Of course the Lunar new year on February 8 is just around the corner so get your citizens ready as we celebrate the Year of the Monkey!

After the lunar Weekend is of course the Valentines Weekend where you can share the love.  It’s also a pretty good way for EA to share its love to its well loved players and we are certainly happy they did release this update to keep player more excited with the game.

For those of you who have not played the game yet, SimCity Buildit is a freemium game which means you can download it to your Android phone or iPhone for free and start playing it right away. Of course be aware that once you get addicted to it, you could well be easily spending some real cash to speed up your gaming progress. But don’t worry folks, we also have some tips and tricks that you can use and help you out to get some extra good simcash and simoleons.

Download the Simcity Buildit now and let the game begin. For game cheats visit:

Mexico City’s Attractions #8

Dias de los Muertos, Oaxaca



Puebla, Mexico - October 31St, 2013 : Woman Disguised For Dia De Los Muertos

In Mexico the most popular and the best city for the Dia de los Muertos Festival is in Oaxaca City. In Latin America it is a holiday celebrated  every Dia de los Festival. In Mexico the Day of the Dead Festival is the most celebrated since thousands of years ago such as the Zapotec and Aztec. In Oaxaca the Dia de los Muertos Festival starts every end of October where the families starts to prepare the tombs and home altars for the return of the spirits of their love ones. They will decorate and give offerings with flowers, candles and food for the spirits in the cemeteries.




11030130. Puebla, Puebla.- En conmemoración del Día de muertos, se colocó una ofrenda monumental con calaveras de papel mache realizadas por artesanos locales, hoy en el patio del Palacio Municipal de Puebla. NOTIMEX/FOTO/CARLOS PACHECO/CPP/HUM/

Here is another Mexico Country wonderful destination for tourist.

Mexico City’s Attractions #9



This is the day view of Guanajuato. It is located at the mountains of the Sierra de Guanajuato where you can find the beautiful colonial city of Guanajuato. The city was founded in 1554. Guanajuato is one of the richest silver mining areas of Mexico. When the mining boom in the 16th-century it led to the constructions of beautiful haciendas and fine colonial buildings. The streets and the alleyways here are very colorful it spread out in every direction while most of its traffic is served by a network of underground tunnels making it an excellent city for pedestrians.

Guanajuato, Mexico at dusk from a nearby hill.

And this is what Guanajuato looks like at night. It really reflects to the culture of Mexico Very colorful and alive.

Here is another Mexico Country wonderful destination for tourist.

Mexico City’s Attractions #10



At Day time this is what you will find in Acapulco’s view. This is an original Mexican resort town which came into prominence by the 1950’s. It serves as a getaway for Hollywood stars and millionaires. Until now it still remains the most popular tourist destination especially among Mexicans and as a spring break destination among US college students. Visiting Acapulco is not complete without watching the cliff divers perform their impressive jumps into ocean. It is an attraction to the visitors to watch the professional divers to do there thing since the year 1930’s.


This is how Acapulco looks like when it is night time. A magnificent view to watch from your high rise room.

London Town Update – Simcity BuildIt

It’s been a while since this game has been released and the number of Mayor continues to increase each day. With the last update last November 24, some really good contents have been added and the feel of managing London is very visible in the game.

Of course, we are expecting more new updates to come in since the Holidays are just a few days away. We do hope some really major contents will  be added to keep the gamers company for the long holidays. And yeah, I also found some good game cheats for simcity buildit astuce iphone that you can use as a sort of trainer and boost your gaming since you will have all the needed resources and make the building faster. Hopefully you will also enjoy it.

Well, I guess that’s it for now. What do you actually want as new add ons the the ever popular game – Simcity for the mobile phone? We want to hear from you!


APEC – What’s Going On Now

Leaders from 21 countries and also independent territories remain in Manila for the Asia Pacific Economic Collaboration top. The conference’s main schedule is focused on trade, business and also financial issues yet terrorism, South China Sea disagreements and also environment adjustment are additionally readied to be in emphasis.

Neighborhood news reports claim a lady in labor neglected to get to hospital and also provided her baby on a Manila walkway, helped by police, after obtaining caught in hideous website traffic due to road closures for APEC.

ABS-CBN information internet site published photos from eyewitness Angel Ramos-Canoy of the female being helped off a motorbike and also assisted on the sidewalk, apparently in labor. Records claim the event occurred Monday.

Cely Gonzales of the San Juan de Dios Health center says the lady did not wish to be talked to. Gonzales says “the mom as well as infant child are succeeding as well as will be released.”.

Head of state Barack Obama tells a company seminar on the sidelines of APEC that countries should attain an “eager structure” to limit global warming.

Obama and also loads of various other leaders will certainly meet in Paris at the end of the month to complete a carbon-cutting offer.

Obama urged companies to watch responses to environment modification as a chance. He states there’s no contradiction between economic property development as well as shielding the environment.

“My message to you today is your businesses could do right by your profits as well as the world.”.

Manila citizens are experiencing troubles reaching work and also a phony image of the Philippines existing to the globe throughout the APEC conferences.

Roadways have been closed to normal website traffic in main Manila and other efforts made to fix up the usually traffic stopped up city.

Trixie Logan, 19, says it’s “a bit off due to the fact that it’s like artificial beauty, due to the fact that they concealed the issues around simply to claim that the Philippines is beautiful.”.

Many workers whose workplaces are near the APEC venues are strolling for numerous kilometers to obtain to work as a result of the limited protection.

Jaime Rocete, 63, states “employees are having a difficult time, particularly for those who are sick, with joint inflammation, it’s difficult to walk.”.

Jack Ma, the creator of Chinese online business huge Alibaba, claims there should be a “third world battle,” versus poverty, environment adjustment as well as illness.

Ma informed a gathering of business leaders on the sidelines of the APEC top on Wednesday that he is an optimist.

Ma says “You should always have hope. Aim to make certain that it’s not only in the movies you see Objective Impossible. In the real life you need to make objective feasible.”.

Attracting from his very own experience in constructing a business realm from scratch, he stated that several concerns, including trade disputes, can be dealt with simply by doing points online.

China is unhappy with Japanese remarks about territorial tensions in the South China Sea.

Japan has actually voiced objections to Chinese relocate to increase its cases in the South China Sea that Tokyo says are going against international regulation as well as threatening totally free navigation and flight in the region. Japan has actually additionally competed with Beijing over their conflicting claims to uninhabited islands in the East China Sea.

At a daily press rundown in Beijing on Tuesday, Chinese Foreign Ministry representative Hong Lei claimed China was “disappointed with the statements and actions of the Japanese side.” He charged Japan of attempting to stoke strains over a concern it is not directly included with.

The territorial spats are not on the APEC agenda, however are drawing interest.

Vietnam and the Philippines have authorized an agreement to boost their connection to a strategic partnership.

The nations are the ones most at odds with Beijing over its claims to the South China Sea. Their agreement is implied to assist deepen their trade, maritime and also defense participation.

Philippine Head of state Benigno Aquino stated he and also Vietnamese Head of state Truong Tan Sang shared their concerns over recent advancements impacting the region’s peace as well as security.

The two leaders informed reporters they reaffirmed the should ensure marine safety and also liberty of navigation and also flight in the South China Sea.

Huge parts of central Manila’s busiest highways are closed to almost official cars throughout APEC. The virtually vacant roads are a rare site in the notoriously traffic obstructed city. The federal government is advising citizens to either take a holiday or stay a home during the conferences.

The influx of foreign leaders right into Manila and extra-tight security has actually additionally disrupted itinerary with numerous flights terminated or postponed. Manila’s worldwide airport was deserted for stretches of Tuesday as airspace was limited for the arrival of leaders including Head of state Barack Obama and Head of state Xi Jinping.

Philippine Foreign Assistant Albert del Rosario says the Paris strikes preoccupied international priests as they met at the APEC summit. He claims every priest that talked at a pastoral conference began with statements concerning the strikes Friday that eliminated 129 individuals and shared condolences to the families of victims.

“There was a common avoid the ministers in terms of the Paris attacks,” he claims. “There was a call for unity of nations and also peoples and also there was furthermore a telephone call to bring to justice those that kept up the dreadful developments in Paris.”.

President Barack Obama says the united state will certainly transfer 2 ships to the Philippine Navy as component of an initiative to boost maritime safety for the Southeast Eastern nation.

The united state has actually aimed to boost protection ties with the Philippines in a bid to check China’s territorial ambitions in challenged waters of the South China Sea.

Obama, in Manila for the APEC summit, says the U.S. will transfer a research study vessel to aid browse territorial waters and also an U.S. Shore Guard cutter. He revealed the transfer Tuesday after visiting the BRP Gregorio del Pilar, a Philippine Navy warship as soon as possessed by the UNITED STATE

Do you have a 100% Business Plan? Learn Why it Does not need to be Complete to be Successful

business ideasBusiness owners satisfaction themselves on being pioneers. They fill in the gaps in daily living, bringing the general public services and products prior to we recognized we needed them. Yet a successful company could be built on the brilliant of another person. Several of one of the most fantastic business owners in past history have made their mark with spin-off innovations as well as items, from steel-making in the age of railway building (which earned Andrew Carnegie $480 million) to shadow development software application OpenStack, which was developed to fix storage issues for NASA designers.

Producing a flourishing business in this manner is so much a lot more intricate than just glomming into the most existing fad as well as selling comparable items. It’s about building on something that has altered the way we live, and also filling in the spaces to make an even better product or service.

Success incorporates a best mix of getting on the center of innovation and also picking the trends that are destined to stick. For instance, very early Facebook embracer Farmville made a killing as one of the most preferred customer games, back when such video games were limited and also the competitors not so tough. However, comparable very early adopters of Google+, which attempted to be available in after the marketplace was already filled with social networking applications, were not as prosperous. You stand making a bigger earnings on the cusp of something new, yet you’re likewise taking a huge threat. If you acquire a fad that does not stick, you’ll go down with it.

Associated: Developing a ‘Cool’ Product Is Just Fifty percent of a Successful Business

The technique is to find the voids where modern technology does not already do well. You don’t have to look really far to locate existing instances of this. Video clip streaming leader YouTube merely turned 10 years old. At its outset, YouTube was a place for customers to upload video clips to show to their social media network – a fairly easy concept. It didn’t take long for customers such as Michelle Phan to realize YouTube viewers longed for niched serial videos as well as tutorials. The how-to corporate videos on YouTube are a few of one of the most prominent and also rewarding. A few of the creators of these videos have turned their channels into full time jobs, and even a course to popularity.

Another lucrative sequel is Utah startup VidAngel. It piggybacked increasing success of on-line corporate video streaming services such as YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, and Prime. While material streaming sites had actually given everyone with millions of television episodes, film titles and also rental alternatives, none supplied a device for worried father and mothers to block profanity or graphic violence. VidAngel introduced their own streaming service to provide individuals options to filter material to each specific curse word.

Related: 5 Ways to Salvage Promising Ideas That Aren’t Working Out

The most successful sequel ideas and products are 2 steps away from the original. You have to find a way to differentiate yourself by giving a completely special customer encounter. As an entrepreneur, this idea is not information to you, yet ways to do it is consistently a difficulty. It could be done via item technology, exceptional solution, license safeguarded modern technology, or meticulously led profession keys. This is why copycat products are dangerous, and also nearly never ever lead to a solid business.

Lasting success of an entrepreneurial sequel is determined by 3 elements: filling in the spaces of new innovation, the timing of your launch, and the exceptional uniqueness of your brand name. If you can create a business that connecteds into an alreadying existing services or product as well as elevates the customer’s encounter in an one-of-a-kind and fulfilling method, you’ve most likely advanced. You may not become the “following huge thing,” each say– but you’re hooking a well-known market with a reliable concept, and that could have a hugely positive effect on your profits. The trick is to get started as well as see where your very own genius takes you.

No more GBA Games – Retro gamers SAD

gameboy microThe launch of 3DS Digital Console (VC) in 2006 increased hopes that classic computer game would obtain a brand-new lease of life. Nevertheless, Natsume Inc. suggests that no additional Game Kid or Super Nintendo Amusement System (SNES) games will be involving Nintendo’s VC.

A retro video game follower asked Natsume on Twitter if Tail ‘Gator– a classic Game Child video game that was launched back in 1991– would certainly launch on VC. Natsume’s reaction was without a doubt a dissatisfaction to several old style gamers.

Natsume has really assisted VC and also the video game publisher is presently working to bring 8 old Video game Kid Advancement titles to the Wii U pc gaming console. Some professionals think that Natsume has even more expertise about Nintendo’s intents to bring some old games to VC. Nonetheless, Graham Markay, the VP of procedures at Natsume, says they typically aren’t familiar with Nintendo’s strategies.

Markay suggests that the original author of a game and also Nintendo make a joint decision to re-release games on VC. Markay’s remarks and Natsume’s tweet seem to hint that Nintendo does not intend to re-release video games.

Markay likewise claimed that in the past, Nintendo has actually disappointed great interest in old video gaming consoles as well as has actually been even more likely towards new gaming consoles, such as the Nintendo DS as well as the Game Boy Breakthrough.

The VC of Nintendo 3DS has likewise not seen new launches for lots of months. The most up to date issues were three Donkey Kong Land titles that were first released on the original Game Child in 1994 then re-released this February in North America.

Lots of players may assume that re-releasing a game for VC is quite direct. In truth, it’s not that basic as well as much is figured out by the legal terms established by the original video game authors. Some games are very old and also license arrangements should be confirmed prior to re-releasing a game on VC. There are likewise technological concerns that enter play with re-releasing a game.

“Development of Virtual Console titles call for comprehensive manual work, such as testing if the software runs efficiently on each system, or seeing to it the content is suitable under the different requirements presently in place,” said the late Satoru Iwata, previous president of Nintendo.

SnapChat – Fast Rising Social Media

snapchatWhile we are used to using instagram and twitter, here is a new social media site that has gotten people crazy about. Snapchat has continuously added new functions over the past year, as well as it appears like it is repaying. Snaps and videos in the app are now being checked out over 6 billion times a day. That’s a massive 3 times raise from merely this previous May, when the firm told Bloomberg that it was serving 2 billion views daily. The firm confirmed the 6 billion sights figure to the Financial Times in a report published this weekend break.

To place that number in point of view, Facebook announced just this previous week that the social media network is managing over 8 billion corporate video sights per day. Facebook has actually lately positioned additional concentrate on its video clip offerings, which figure stands for a 2 times boost from April.

Contrasting inner stats is difficult, specifically for internet videos. How long does a person need to view a video clip for it to count as a “sight”? For Facebook, that number is three seconds, while for Snapchat, it’s reported that simply a few nanoseconds will be adequate. There’s additionally the varying nature of the content on each of these websites. Snapchat’s video clips are simply seconds long, while several Facebook videos are closer to a minute or even more in length. YouTube, at the same time, functions bunches of material that’s hrs long. Google now measures usage on its video clip website by hours and also not views, yet it counted 4 billion sights daily back in the spring.

For Snapchat, the numbers definitely offer validation of the various modifications it has actually made to its item. After initially releasing as a greatly exclusive solution for sending out short video stories to specific close friends, the company refocused around its Stories feature. Stories are readable by all of your pals, or, if you select, a larger swath of the general public. The feature, which ultimately broadened to coverage of live occasions, rapidly ended up being Snapchat’s most preferred service. Since then, the company has actually also included various other features, like replays, rewinds, stickers, and also a lot more, all while strongly broadening the footprint of advertisers in the application. As well as for now, it seems going quite well.

Twitter pushing for Diversity in its Business

twitterWhile Instagram is going full throttle in its business, it seems Twitter’s board will not look like Twitter’s board for long.

The social communications firm, which already looks considerably different from a management perspective than it did just six months back, is planning much more changes to its board of directors, according to multiple sources. Now that it has completed its look for a permanent Chief Executive Officer, resources state that a few of its long-tenured participants intend to leave, as well as have revealed as much internally. Still, it might not occur until next year, baseding on resources.

A modification, though, means new members as well as a new perspective for Twitter.

Amongst those who might be most likely to depart, as Re/code recently reported, are the three Peters: Standard VC Peter Fenton, capitalist Peter Currie as well as Peter Chernin, CEO of the Chernin Group. Fenton has been on Twitter’s board given that 2009; Currie participated in 2010.

Twitter separates its board right into three staggered groups, with no greater than three supervisors coming up for re-election in each cycle. It’s made that way to avoid possible hostile takeovers, as only a minority of the board shows up for re-election at any moment.

Chernin’s and also Currie’s terms end in 2016 as well as Fenton’s in 2017, according to the business’s latest yearly declaring, however board supervisors could step down at any moment, or could notify the firm if they plan to leave as soon as their term is up.

As component of the anticipated board change, Chief Executive Officer Jack Dorsey wishes to branch out the board, according to resources, indicating the enhancement of even more ladies and racially varied board members. Prior to Omid Kordestani– that was birthed in Iran– was called Twitter’s chairman early last month changing previous Chief Executive Officer Dick Costolo, the board consisted of 7 white guys and also one white woman.

Twitter has not yet picked whom it is seeking to recruit. One fascinating option would certainly be long time Pepsi Chief Executive Officer Indra Nooyi, who just joined the service recently.

The problem of variety is a vital one, the company has actually claimed, specifically for Dorsey. On Friday, human rights activist and also one of the leaders of the #BlackLivesMatter motion DeRay McKesson checked out firm headquarters for a Q&A session with Dorsey. That occurred simply 2 days after a previous worker brought to Tool to slam the business’s variety efforts, asserting “there was little variety in idea as well as virtually no variety at work” at the company.

Twitter has, at times, perpetuated a “bro society,” baseding on numerous insiders. It’s the same sort of culture that dogs tech atmospheres across Silicon Valley, where young, male, and often times white employees are typically most. Following a terribly formulated “frat-themed” celebration for an interior group at Twitter earlier this year, for example, Dorsey informed employees that variety would certainly end up being a quantifiable goal. The next month, he set out critical employing objectives for inducing even more women and also minorities.

That’s a long method of claiming that while diversity is still a problem at Twitter, it seems like a priority to Dorsey, as well as changing up the board offers another possibility to prove that. An even more diverse board can aid bring even more varied comments to Twitter’s leading directors, that are often contacted to present tasks and also updates at board conferences.

Suffice to claim that varied viewpoints on the board could drip down to the remainder of the company.

7 Tips on How To Use Instagram for Your Business

instagramFor companies wanting to create an efficient as well as profitable social networks strategy, it might be all also simple to disregard Instagram, the mobile image sharing network, as a recklessness. Instagram is, nevertheless, home to the common selfie, hot-dog legs and also plenty of Kardashians. What feasible advantage could come from engaging such a network?

What if we informed you that Instagram is presently the globe’s fastest-growing social media network as well as can show off having 400 million energetic users? That’s 100 million greater than Twitter. Can you afford to disregard such an opportunity?

Our team believe that with the adoption of a few ideal practices, Instagram can become a viable and appealing system for several companies to assist construct their brand name and also reputation and eventually market a lot more. As well as while some companies, specifically those with visual charm (including those in the fashion, food, traveling as well as show business), will discover Instagram an immediate fit, there stay a variety of possibilities offered to companies in any vertical.

7 Idea for Conclusion Success on Instagram

Your Material Should Have a Function

Do not simply publish images since you think they look good. Your material has to have an objective. Is it showcasing a brand-new product or highlighting a really favorable facet of your business society? Keep in mind, just like all other social media channels, if you have absolutely nothing to say, in some cases it’s best to claim nothing at all.
Record Everything: Enter the routine of taking images of every little thing you do. While you won’t want to share everything you snap, you’ll stand much less threat of missing out on great opportunities if you capture more. You currently bring a cam with you almost everywhere (on your cell phone), so place it to great usage.

Get a Little Closer

Highlight the little points that make your items, services or basic procedure attract attention. Focus on the high quality of construct, cool layout facets or interesting people within your company. Sometimes a severe close-up can reveal a whole lot greater than a more basic shot.

Assume Beyond Your Products

Instagram is a terrific system for discussing insight right into your organization. Photos of workers, your work environment as well as the local environment can work as a wonderful recruitment tool.

Advertise People

People purchase from people they as if. Always attempt to consist of individuals in your photos to humanize your products or services. A well-known face, maybe a charming magnate or a widely known customer, will certainly go a long method toward making your providing more desirable. Showing someone from outside of your organization endorsing your services or product will certainly include instantaneous reputation to your brand name.
Tell Stories: Utilize your pictures to inform stories, highlight successes as well as map the course your clients/employees/colleagues have preferred to follow. A simple before-and-after shot is a great instance of showing the appreciate of your service or product.

Develop Your Adhering to

There is little factor in discussing tons of material if no one sees it. Make the effort to construct your following by promoting your brand using your blog, sharing your content via other social networks websites, and also following as well as engaging with other similar individuals on the network.

Bear in mind

Instagram will only drive success if it is operated as part of a natural advertising and marketing technique (absolutely nothing works in a vacuum). To this end, you ought to use Instagram (and also other social media channel) to keep your prospects as well as clients involved with your brand name. Social media will certainly not replace the requirement for a properly designed internet site, a frequently upgraded blog site and also a targeted e-mail marketing approach (this will certainly drive revenue). Place all four of these products with each other, as well as you’ll discover, with the enhancement of hard work and preparing, success comes much more quickly.